Final Speed Garage In Temecula Can Handle All Of Your Maintenance & Repairs

Air Conditioning

Keep your vehicle feeling crisp and cool even during the hottest months of the year. We can recharge your air conditioning unit so it will produce the coolest air. If your air conditioning has broken down completely, we will be happy to replace it for you.

Brake Services

Make sure that your vehicle's brakes are in peak condition so that when you need to stop, your brakes will engage quickly and efficiently. We can inspect and replace all aspects of your vehicle's braking system at affordable rates.

Battery Services

Your vehicle's charging system can impact how well it performs in addition to ensuring it runs properly. A low or defective battery can cause your vehicle to stall or experience issues when you're driving. Trust our experts to test and repair any charging system malfunctions you encounter.

Classic Cars

Do you have a classic car that you would like to keep in pristine working condition? Then you've come to the right place. We have qualified mechanics who are experienced in a wide range of classic car models and their servicing.

Tire Rotation & Alignment

Ensure that your vehicle has exceptional traction control by installing brand new tires or having your existing tires rotated. At the same time, we can make sure your tires are in perfect alignment to prevent premature wear.

Transmission Repair

A vehicle's transmission is an important part of its overall functionality. If you start to experience warning signs that your transmission is failing, then it's important to have it examined right away. It is much easier to repair a transmission than to replace it entirely.

Vehicle Inspections

Each year your vehicle will need to undergo a comprehensive inspection to remain within legal guidelines. Our team will perform an inspection following state law and ensure your vehicle is in good working order.

Suspension Services

If you have worn out shocks and struts then you may be in for a very bumpy ride whenever you drive. This may also cause damage to your vehicle and reduce your ability to handle it when steering. Let our experienced technicians examine your shocks and replace them if need.

Vehicle Electrical Repairs

Modern vehicles have a very complex electrical system and are controller by an advanced computer system. If you have a bad fuse or diode, then you could be experiencing some very hazardous issues when driving your vehicle. Our expert mechanics can both evaluate and repair any electrical system problems you may have.

Oil Changes

Oil is quite literally the lifeblood of any vehicle. It is very important that your oil is changed regularly to ensure your engine is not damaged. It is recommended your change your oil every three to five thousand miles.

Engine Repair

There are a wide range of problems and breakdowns that can occur with your engine. Perhaps you are hearing strange noises coming from the engine compartment. Any abnormal noise or smell coming from your vehicle could indicate a serious breakdown is about to occur. Let our technicians examine your vehicle as soon as you notice that anything is wrong.


If your car has stalled or you have suffered any sort of breakdown on the road, then please contact our shop immediately. We will send a qualified tow truck driver to pick up your vehicle, tow it to our shop and find out exactly what went wrong.

What We Offer

Final Speed Garage in Temecula is a full auto and truck repair shop. We also offer performance products and installation. In addition, we provide full computer diagnostics on every make and model. Our technicians will quickly evaluate your vehicle and identify any issues using the latest computer diagnostics equipment.

Accurate Diagnosing

Our mechanics are trained to use the latest in auto diagnostics equipment. This ensures that no matter what the issue with your vehicle may be we can accurately identify it and resolve it. You can be sure the job is done right the first time.


At Final Speed Garage we accept all major credit cards, provide access to free Wi-Fi while on site along with many other amenities and restroom access. We treat all of our customers with the upmost respect and courtesy that you can count on.

Performance Products

Have you always wanted to increase the performance, speed and handling of your vehicle? We can provide all of the latest high-performance auto products and our mechanics have the experience to install them correctly and efficiently.


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